BOUNDARIES IN A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP – Are you a Demander or an Acquiescer?

I was just scrolling through my previous blog posts thinking I must have already written about boundaries at some point but realised I haven’t yet! Boundary setting is somewhat of a buzz word in the therapy / coaching circles currently but the concept is as old as human communication; older actually. As with any blogContinue reading “BOUNDARIES IN A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP – Are you a Demander or an Acquiescer?”

APOLOGISING – the 4 parts to a great “I’m sorry”

Let’s be honest, sometimes the words ‘I’m sorry’ just aren’t going to cut it. For some of us or in certain situations those words roll off the tongue but are they really backed up by the feelings? For others or in different circumstances, thinking about uttering them seems to destroy a piece of our ownContinue reading “APOLOGISING – the 4 parts to a great “I’m sorry””

6 RELATIONSHIP MYTHS – How to find / maintain a great relationship

There are many reasons why great relationships may seem elusive. Believing the myths we’ve been sold by films / novels / romantic philosophies will lead us down a disappointing road. Let’s clear up some relationship myths so we can spend our valuable time and energy on what really matters and not on trying to findContinue reading “6 RELATIONSHIP MYTHS – How to find / maintain a great relationship”

FORGIVENESS IS FREEDOM – you’re allowed to let go

Forgiveness is a necessary life skill for anyone living a human existence. We are going to make mistakes; other people are going to make mistakes. We must accept this as a fact of life and learn how to let go of anger and resentment and move forward in a healthy way in order to heal.Continue reading “FORGIVENESS IS FREEDOM – you’re allowed to let go”


I just celebrated my 5 year anniversary with my half Spanish half Colombian boyfriend. When you consider that I am half British and half Cypriot, that’s an interesting mix of nationalities, although I know many more exotic couples than we are! So I wanted to share, in a light-hearted way, some of the pros andContinue reading “MULTI-CULTURAL RELATIONSHIPS – Falling for a Foreigner”