ARE YOU SUCCESSFUL? 5 rules for success in life

Although success is most commonly associated with career and finances, they do not guarantee a successful life. Let’s break down what a successful life consists of… 1 – Only YOU can define success. In the context of your life, you always make the rules. Success is no different. So forget what you learned about successContinue reading “ARE YOU SUCCESSFUL? 5 rules for success in life”

POSITIVE LIFE CHOICES – Long-lasting Changes for Health and Happiness

These days we are told that we have the power to transform our lives into everything we want them to be. That the only thing holding us back is ourself and our laziness. Wow, way to feel guilty if things don’t go to plan. Truth is, it’s about a lot more than positive thinking andContinue reading “POSITIVE LIFE CHOICES – Long-lasting Changes for Health and Happiness”

Why music makes us happy

Music is found across all human cultures and far back into human history. We all have different tastes in music but we enjoy music in similar ways. we use music to enhance our emotions we feel connected to other people through music we can relive happy moments through music music makes us want to moveContinue reading “Why music makes us happy”