Coaching Packages

Love looks different for each of us, as does relationship coaching. Perhaps you’re ready to make a big transformation in your love life or maybe you just need a few sessions to make an impact.

These ONE-TO-ONE Impact and Transformation packages are suitable whether you are single (Attracting an Enlightened Relationship) or already with a partner (Creating an Enlightened Relationship). They provide a basis and structure but are also flexible. These sessions are not for someone looking for a quick fix or easy strategies to meeting a partner. This is deep and important work, ideal for people who are ready to take their self-awareness and empowerment to the next level, face their fears and insecurities around love and attract not any relationship but an enlightened relationship.

Attracting an Enlightened Relationship

These sessions help you gain clarity on what love means to you, who you are looking for, why you are deserving of enjoying a healthy and happy relationship and creating the space for love to enter your life. Topics include: defining love, making space, inner happiness and boundary setting



Creating an Enlightened Relationship

These sessions help you move into an enlightened relationship, where you can release fears, communicate better and truly enjoy the time with your partner while keeping the spark alive. Topics include: healthy behaviour patterns, improving communication, couple happiness and expectations



I also offer these packages as intimate group sessions of 3 people in Madrid, Spain. Get in touch if you’re in the city and would like to know more. One-to-one sessions can also be done in person if you live in Madrid.

Tailored one-to-one

If you’re looking to work on a special area of your love life or would prefer to create a unique and specific coaching journey with me, then tailored sessions are for you.

Exclusive Offer until March 10th

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