Speaking Services

To live a liberating truth is to have a responsibility to share it and give others the same potential for self-empowerment

Having been a teacher for over 14 years (more if you include my big sis role), speaking to groups has always been part of what I do. Communication itself has always been a fascination whether through words or movement, with a loved one or audience of strangers. I have spoken at events about topics ranging from relationships, community building, following your purpose, video content creation and of course, dance.

I speak to INSPIRE not to impress. Each individual already has within themselves what it takes to live the live they want. It’s just that they (and I) need some inspiration, guidance, maybe even permission, to (re)connect to their own inner potential and power. Above all, my message is this: movement has the power to help transform your life. Choosing how you move is choosing how you live and there are way more options than we realise!

Speaking Topics

The Rhythmic Body – the human evolution of rhythmic sound and movement and the universal power of dance

Dance as Behaviour not Art – dismantling the dance hierarchy and the cross-cultural value of non-professional dance

Transform your Life through Movement – how to choose your movement and the potential for joyful transformation

The power of movement knowledge

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