Relationship and Life Coaching Sessions

Enlightened Relationships

Loving Communication

Happiness and Self-care

Forgiveness and Apologising

Healthy Boundaries

Expectations and Self-reflection

Whether you are single and wanting to attract the right type of person or are already with someone and want to create an enlightened relationship, my courses and sessions are for you. I offer one-to-one sessions, in-person workshops as well as online courses. More information coming soon!

After buying my first self-help book about relationships at the age of 22, I’ve had a decade of interest and learning about what does and doesn’t make a healthy, happy relationship as well as plenty of real life experience when it comes to love. I am constantly working on my own self-development and the relationship I have with my fiancé and am passionate about sharing the things I have implemented in my own life which have helped me to have a wonderful, loving and fulfilling relationship (spoiler: it’s not perfect).

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