For me, being healthy is much more than just diet and exercise. It is a careful balance in all areas of my life. 

productivity / relaxation

Finding the balance between work and life isn’t an exact science and sometimes it sways more one way than the other, but that’s okay, it will always swing back. I know it can feel like we are doing a lot and being super productive, and it can feel great, even addictive, but it’s important to take time to relax as well. I started meditating regularly around 6 months ago and it’s made a very positive difference in my life. Meditation might not be for everyone, but finding some quiet time to reflect and connect with yourself is important, whether it’s a walk in nature, painting, listening to calming music, etc.

move / rest

Dancing is my number one choice of exercise; now and always. I do supplement with the odd at home workout and stretch class but for me nothing beats a great ballet class or social night dancing salsa. I find it easy to take the time to rest and recover now but that wasn’t always the case. A few years ago I felt guilty if I didn’t dance for two days in a row. Some of you might know what I mean if you set yourself a strict exercise routine and then don’t stick to it. Don’t worry about having a few days off, resting the body (and mind) is equally as important.

nutritious / indulgent

I’ve always eaten a lot of fruit and vegetables. I’m lucky that my parents got me into that habit at a very young age. During the week, instead of sweets we had grapes, instead of biscuits we had a banana. We still got desserts and chocolate at the weekend though. I have a similar mentality now, eat mostly healthy and a few treats can be enjoyed guilt-free!

social / me time

Social time is so important. There have been so many studies about human sociality which prove our need for human connection, interaction and sense of belonging. But I don’t mean socialising like going on a night out or to an office party. I mean quality time spent with people you can connect to, be yourself with, share your hopes and ideas with, who support you through difficult moments too. It’s also important to be happy on your own, without distractions on a screen of whatever size. To know yourself and love yourself.