Healthy relationships require self-awareness and learning

It was only once I began to look inside and change myself that I was able to create our enlightened relationship.

I was 22 and struggling in the relationship with my ex-boyfriend when I bought my first self-help book on relationships. From that day on I knew that understanding human relationships and especially the relationship I had with myself was going to be the path to happiness and a healthy love life. I learned to be happily single. To respect myself and my boundaries but to have fun and be playful at the same time. That’s when Jordan came into my life. Like any couple, we’ve had to overcome challenges, learn to compromise, figure out how to live together in harmony. What has always helped is learning more about love, communication, my own insecurities. Not by chance or living through it but by actually choosing to learn about and analyse these things. Books, interviews, TED talks, podcasts, you name it. 7 years later we are still so in love and happy together. It’s a long road ahead but I’m confident that through communication and trust, we have many more happy years to come.

I have a BA in Dance and a Masters in Dance Anthropology with particular interest in evolutionary and cognitive psychology.

As well as being a Relationship Coach, I am also a Dance Teacher.

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