about old


Hi, I’m Natalie. It’s lovely to have you here!

You may look at my life and think I’m not like you, but the truth is I’m just like you:

I enjoy good food. I like spending time with my friends. I love feeling happy and healthy. I’ve fallen in and out of love. I’ve doubted and criticised myself. I’ve celebrated my achievements and lived through failures.

Something deep inside me knows we are all connected in our human experience. We all feel joy, sadness, inspired, angry, loving, jealous, confident, embarrassed and everything in between.

What makes us appear different are our decisions. In my case:

I studied dance. I became a salsa teacher. I lived in London. I moved to Spain with one suitcase and nowhere to live. I started ballet again aged 26. I made a YouTube channel. I became an entrepreneur. I created the adult ballet holidays. I started meditating. I asked a guy 4 years younger than me to be my husband. I did deep internal work to look at my conditioned subconscious. I built a website. I changed my mind. I qualified as a life coach. There’s more to come…

For each of these decisions there were plenty of reasons not to do it. Each involved stepping out of my comfort zone and overcoming the voices of doubt. I can genuinely say I don’t regret anything in my life. And although it’s not perfect, I have created a life I absolutely love.

You can too.

This website is for you. I hope it inspires and empowers you. Whether encouraging you on your journey as an adult ballet dancer, showing you healthier lifestyle choices or helping you find your life’s purpose through one of my courses. I’d like to support as many people as possible in creating a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.