ARE YOU SUCCESSFUL? 5 rules for success in life

Although success is most commonly associated with career and finances, they do not guarantee a successful life. Let’s break down what a successful life consists of…

1 – Only YOU can define success.

In the context of your life, you always make the rules. Success is no different. So forget what you learned about success in school, forget what you’ve seen in films, what you’ve read in magazines and heard on the news. Start from scratch. There is no salary you need to earn, no job title you need to achieve, no specific thing you need to buy or one person you need to find in order to be successful.

2 – Start with how you FEEL.

Instead of looking at outside achievements, possessions or people; a good indication of a successful life is an overall sense of wellbeing within yourself. That doesn’t mean you have to be happy everyday. That doesn’t mean you are immune to sadness or worry. It means that in the grand scheme of things, you feel content and complete. Are you looking after your physical and emotional wellbeing? If your pursuit of “success” is actually detrimental to that, maybe it’s time to reevaluate. Do more of what you enjoy and don’t be afraid to let go of what makes you feel angry or resentful.

3 – Feel ABUNDANT.

Abundance cannot be measured through physical possessions or money in the bank. It’s not about numbers. Number of friends, number of children, number of cars, number of degrees, number of deadlifts, number of holidays, number of sexual partners, number of handbags, number of employees, number of followers, number of properties. These are nothing to do with feeling abundant and they do not equal success. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some of these things but we shouldn’t confuse their meaning in our life. A monk with only a few worldly possessions may feel wildly more abundant than a billionaire who still suffers from lack and inadequacy. Be grateful for what you already have and understand that you are capable of feeling abundant right now.

4 – Live with PURPOSE.

We are all different and, as such, have different things to offer to the world and to each other. When people find something they care about and feel they are making a positive difference, that is purpose. It doesn’t have to be a career, although it can be. It could be creating your own business, it could be raising children, it could be volunteering, it could be creating, it could be teaching, it could be sharing, it could be helping in any way. When we bring value to the world, we feel valued. Some find their purpose through passion, others find it through pain. Whether you inspire or heal or both, that is success.

5 – Do your BEST.

Whatever your day to day looks like, if you are doing your best, that is success. If for you it’s just a struggle to get our of bed in the morning and you manage to make yourself breakfast, that’s success. If for you it’s terrifying to go to a social event but you manage to get dressed and go, that’s success. If for you it’s hard to be honest about something with your partner but you manage to have an open conversation, that’s success. Success is being true to yourself, even when it’s difficult. You are successful every time you do your best and continue to learn and grow.

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