Why start a blog in 2018?

Having your own blog gives you complete control over your content and freedom in how you present it and interact with your online community. No crazy Instagram algorithm or unwanted YouTube videos are going to appear here. In a loud and crowded online world, a personal blog is all yours.

I’ve had my Instagram account @nataliedanza for over 3 years and my YouTube channel for over 2 years so why is now the right time to start a blog? The honest answer is that it would probably have been better to start a blog much sooner, but it’s never too late!

I originally started my Instagram to have somewhere to post my ballet photos and videos for myself mainly so I wouldn’t annoy my friends and family on Facebook by flooding their news feeds with arabesques and pointe shoes. I never expected to grow a following of 250 people, never mind 25k! Turns out there are a lot of adult ballet dancers out there!

Later came my YouTube channel mainly because I wanted to share my love of health, fitness and dance through online videos. I didn’t even know at that point that people could make a career out of social media. YouTube was a wonderful platform because it allowed me to answer so many of the questions I had on Instagram and direct people to my existing videos and share them with a bigger audience.

I’ve had this website domain for 4 years, I bought it when I was thinking about setting up my own dance classes as a way of advertising. I ended up teaching for a company instead so this website sat forgotten and forlorn. A year ago I decided to create a few pages and share a few videos but the thing I’ve realised with the internet is that you’re either in or out. There is no half way, everything moves so quickly that if you’re not uploading and interacting regularly or you have another way of streaming traffic to your website then you might as well forget it.

So now comes the blog. I can’t tell you how excited I am about the freedom of blogging. I love that this is my space to share. I designed every aspect of it and I’m going to fill it with positivity, passion and (hopefully) inspiration. I really hope you enjoy it!

Why start a blog in 2018?

  • share your knowledge and experience

  • create an online community

  • interact with your audience

  • control of all your content

  • design it your way

  • compliment your other social media

  • develop your brand

  • increase your online presence

  • be selective about advertising

  • market your own products or services

  • make a positive difference



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